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Super Kool Road & Track Engine Coolant

Martini Racing Products P/L is an innovator in producing power enhancing, liquid horsepower solutions for those that are serious about maximising road and track performance. As a result of our widely acclaimed Martini Racing Products development program, and after extensive testing and evaluation, we have released the ultimate engine coolant, Super Kool.

Martini Super Kool technology has been extensively tested and its performance proven in one of the harshest test beds in the world, Indy style racing cars. Utilising this technology and tested under extreme road and racing conditions, Martini Super Kool is specifically formulated to prevent overheating and corrosion in today’s high performance road and track racing engines. It is particularly effective at preventing electrochemical corrosion of lightweight alloy metals.

Martini Super Kool provides superior heat removal relative to glycol based coolant since the thermal conductivity is twice that of ethlylene glycol. Glycol based antifreeze do not prevent overheating they just elevate the boiling point. In fact they can contribute to overheating since they carry the heat away at half the rate of water.

Super Kool is not an Anti-Freeze. If the vehicle is used in freezing temperatures, an antifreeze must be used.

Martini Super Kool is a road and track coolant which meets and exceeds the Australian Standards AS2108.2004 TYPE B Coolant Specifications. Super Kool is designed for Australian conditions to provide superior cooling system performance and excellent acid corrosion protection when added to plain clean water.

In high performance road and track applications, the use of Super Kool can increase horsepower by assisting in the reduction of cooling system temperatures which could be caused by pre-ignition & detonation from excessively high temperatures

Martini Super Kool keeps the water passages of the engine and cooling system exceptionally clean by preventing the build up of scale and corrosion bi-products. This maximises heat transfer leading to lower operating temperatures and increased engine performance and efficiency.

Some facts on water:

  • Water has twice the heat transfer capability when compared to 50% glycol antifreeze/coolant in water solution.
  • Water has superior heat transfer properties compared to virtually any other liquid coolant
  • Water has almost 2.5 times greater thermal conductivity compared to glycol coolants.
  • Water in the cooling system is capable of transferring twice as much heat out of the same system as compared to a 50/50 glycol coolant and water solution. In order for a 50/50 glycol mixture to reject as much heat as water (amount of heat rejected is independent of the coolant), the temperature differentials at the heat transfer surface must be twice as great, which means higher cylinder head temperatures.

Most heat is transferred in a cooling system by convection from hot metal to a cooler liquid as in the engine block or from a hot liquid to cooler metal surfaces, as in the radiator. Water has excellent heat transfer properties in its liquid state but its very high surface tension makes it difficult to release water vapour from the metal surface. Under heavy load conditions, most of the heat in the cylinder head is transferred by localised boiling at hot spots, even though the bulk of the cooling solution is below the boiling point.

Super Kool’s unique formulation is designed to reduce the surface tension of water by a factor of two, which means that much smaller vapour bubbles will be formed. Vapour bubbles on the metal surface create an insulating layer, which impedes heat transfer. Releasing these vapour bubbles from the metal surface can improve the heat transfer properties in this localised boiling region by as much as 15%

Benefits of Martini Super Kool:

  • Increases the “wetting” ability of water by up to 100%
  • Dramatically improves speed of heat transfer
  • Reduces cylinder head temperatures
  • Prevents high temperature coolant foaming
  • Permits more spark advance for increased horsepower and torque
  • Reduces rust, corrosion and electrolysis of all metals
  • Reduces high temperature cavitation corrosion
  • Concentrated road and track formulation provides treat rate of 50ml per litre or 350ml bottle up to 7lt capacity
  • Provides long term acid corrosion protection and has an excellent service life of 5 years or 250,000kms

Harmful increases in temperature will raise the octane required for trace knock levels by up to 3 RON. A car equipped with a knock sensor will retard the timing to compensate for the increase in octane requirement by up to 5°. Super Kool provides vehicles equipped with knock sensors the ability to advance timing for possible increases in horsepower and torque. Super Kool does not increase the boiling point of water; increasing pressure, normally through a higher rating radiator cap will raise the boiling point. Because of the doubling of the ability of the radiator to transfer heat “wetting ability”, boilover using Super Kool treated water is not an issue.

Another important feature is that if accidentally spilt, Martini Super Kool does not compromise road or race track safety since the coefficient of friction from diluted Super Kool is not significantly different to water. This is a key advantage and one of the reasons why racing cars do not use glycol. This characteristic has been independently measured in laboratory friction testing.


Brand Martini Racing
Unit Of Measure 350ml

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