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Martini Racing Products Pty Ltd

38 Henderson Rd

Rowville  3178

Victoria, Australia


Email: sales@martiniracing.com.au

Ph. 03 9763 0977

ABN: 41061339624


Motor sport engineering encompasses an ability to produce, modify and create vehicles of a high calibre that
break records and set new standards. Synonymous with this is an ability to then demonstrate the potential of this
performance work on the race- track. Not unlike this, fluid chemistry to Martini is in effect Motorsport Engineering.
Martini's range of products encapsulate our philosophy towards the “Competition Fluids Management Program”
which is an integral part of any professional race team.

We have solutions for all competition race fluids from coolants to engine oil to race fuel to gear oil. Each product
is designed and formulated with up to the minute technology and materials, making them some of the most
technically advanced in the world today. Our aim is to surpass limitations and stretch performance
through every aspect of fluid engineering . By building added reliability and increased output into every drop of
our product you can spend more time winning and getting on with mechanical development.